Application Madness!

These are the links to the various application in my digital collage. My favourite application would be blogger because by blogging, I can share with my friends many things like what I did, incidents happening around me, etc...

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4 Must-go's in Taipei

View Taipei in a larger map

This map shows the 4 best places that I've been to when in Taipei. We basically shopped at all 4 places. The view from Taipei 101 was magnificent, we could see places far away from the top. Ximending and Shilin Night Market were basically places to shop. The memorial hall featured 2 real soldiers who stands still and change shifts every hour with a fantastic-looking ceremony. There was also a dinosaur exhibition nearby. 

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The Path to the Light

There's 3 suggested ways to get to SST from my home. I can walk to the stop opposite Blk 288d and take either bus 183 or 188 to the stop at Blk 203, which is a short walk to SST. However, looking at the frequency of the buses, I would rather walk a little more to the stop at Blk 288 and take bus 99 from there to Blk 203. Other than the suggested routes, Google Map gives information on the approximate time it will take on each route as well as the traffic conditions on the roads. The information is quite useful to plan the shortest journey from one point to the other.

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Blogging... For Learning?

I find blogging familiar as I've already been blogging for quite a while now. I've also customized my own blog template, otherwise known as blog skin. So, blogging is no mean feat to me.

Blogging can also be useful in learning. It can be used to contain our notes, which can be edited easily. We can also share our notes with multiple people at the same time. By sharing notes, we can be reminded of the things we've missed out or have forgotten. Pupils who are absent from school can also understand the lesson through others' notes. Pupils can also comment on the lessons and the teachers can improve on them in future.

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The Bacon Came Home!

Hi everyone reading my blog! This cute picture, which is located at the left, is a representative of me when I'd just received the confirmation letter to SST. There are two main reasons why I chose this.
1. This cat displays a surprised and excited expression  like when I'd just received and read the letter. I'm proud to be in a future school that supports the way I like to learn, which is, of course, applied learning.
2. The phrase, bring home the bacon, means to accomplish something successfully. In this case, it is that I've got into SST. In the picture, the cat is happy to find the bacon just like how I felt when the 'bacon' came home in the mail.


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