What Am I?

This is the poem I've created.

I can’t be touched, I can’t be sighted
I’m only existent in the mind.
I run miles and miles, along a line,
But forever, I will never tire.
I don’t follow my line I’m assigned
I am neither straight nor curved.
Running round the bends, that’s what I love
But people just keep change my line.
My route is a meridian.
Starting from an extreme cold,
Ending exactly right below.
Beside me are two days, different.

What am I?

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Ideal Class

An ideal class to me is a class which is:

  • Aware, aware of the context and know how to act.
  • Considerate, considerate enough to listen to someone.
  • Contributive, contributive enough to voice out their ideas.
  • Courteous, courteous enough to not spill vulgarities and irritate people.
  • Focused, focused enough to not stray away too much from the topic.
  • Helpful, helpful enough to, well, help.
These are just the basic things an ideal class have to note to be favoured, or if it matters, not despised.

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