Words, Expression and Opinions

My favourite except would be the one titled Your Birth. It gives the targeted reader, in this case Sam, a sense of belonging to the home. As a parent, he tells his grandson how a child is loved and how difficult a childhood Sam's mother had been through. This excerpt is like a reflection of myself, my siblings and my parents. The white lies they will tell us, how it hurt to chide us and how inquisitive we were back then and still doing it now.

"Another chance for joy!" tells me that life is full of joys, just waiting to leap out in every turn. Every occasion can be joyful, it all depends on the way one looks at situations.

"This is what most parents want for their children: a lifetime of happiness and an easy passage."  This shows the love that life brings. The happiness that most parents wants to pass down to their children, which is a masterpiece from their hard work.

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