Mr Koh's April Fool's Joke!

Write about a time when your teacher played a prank on you.

It was April Fool’s Day again. Dragging my timid self to school, I dreaded the incident the previous year.
  It all started exactly a year back, with me forgetting about the “joyous” occasion. I, as usual, dragged my tired self to the school. The morning’s flag raising ceremony went the usual way, showing no sign of the occasion. I strode to the classroom, still unaware, despite the others happily chattering about it. I, of course, paid no attention to them, knowing their daily routine.
  A couple of minutes past, Mr Koh burst through the door, instructing us to separate our tables for a preparation test. We, reluctantly, followed his instructions as some turned to ask for writing paper. He then said, “Copy the question down.”
  He followed up his statement by writing on the board, “Write about a time when your teacher played a prank on you.”
  We were all taken aback by the topic -- how many people actually get pranked on by a teacher? So, complains were ever so expected to be heard as we copied down the question. Even I naturally joined the group. However, something felt amiss -- that smirky smile of Mr Koh’s.
  As that smile grew wider, Mr Koh announced, “Time’s up!” The room was instantly filled with “I knew it”s. That shock that we possessed was simply indescribable! Never once had I seen the class in this state. Mr Koh had really caught us unaware that time.
  After some grunts and laughter from the many of us, lessons went back to normal. However, the urge to get back at him still stays put in my heart, going no where for the time being.


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  1. Kragus says:
    9 April 2010 at 21:02

    Mr Koh, I can post my comments! Why can't you?

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